The Desk

People often ask me, “Where do you write the genius that fills DwyerTime?” Actually, no one’s ever asked that. But I know you’re wondering but are too shy to ask.

Desk 5

So here’s a photo of the very desk upon which the nuggets of DwyerTime are hewn. Sound glamorous? It is. In fact, I constructed the gem you see above with my own hands. And someday, this desk will sit in the Smithsonian.

No…not because it displays fine craftsmanship. Good Lord, I’m not that conceited! My woodworking skills are quite crude — the table is assembled with unsightly screws, not carefully crafted mortise and tenon or cleverly hidden joints. How arrogant would I be to think my woodworking skills would qualify for a museum?

My desk will reside in the Smithsonian because DwyerTime will have unprecedented impact on society. (Again, not trying to be egotistical, just realistical.)

Hard to say exactly where in the Smithsonian it will be housed, but I’m assuming it will sit among the following items (with links to their descriptions):

President’s Resolute Desk
The Station Wagon
Dizzy Gillespie’s Trumpet
M*A*S*H Sign Post

I’m especially mesmerized by the Resolute Desk…

resolute desk pic

Perhaps I was too humble when I criticized my woodworking skills. In fact, the more I look at them, the more the similarities of the two desks jump out at me. These two photos could serve as one of those “Can-You-Find-The-Difference?” games.

But again, the point of this page is not to garishly indulge my ego related to woodworking. That would be silly. The point is to stay in front of what surely will become a crush of intrigue for all things DwyerTime. Likewise, you’ll be glad to know I’m now saving all drafts and discarded writings I deemed unfit for posting. I’m open to future scholars studying both my perfect and imperfect work.

Because I’m a giver.


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