About Me & DT

I’m Andrew Dwyer, and my website is DwyerTime (routinely misspelled by media outlets as Dwyer Time). I’m in my late 30’s just turned 40!, employed, married, and a father of three children young enough to dress up for Halloween. I live in Colorado Springs, which you may know as the most beautiful place in the continental U.S.

I grew up in Cincinnati, went to school in Washington, D.C., lived in St. Louis long enough to become a huge Cardinals fan, and moved to Colorado because I’m cool like that. I’m a licensed chimney sweep and collect four-leaf clovers. One of the above sentences is full of lies, and I’ll let you decide which.

Is DwyerTime different from the million other sites? Well of course — this is the only one written by me. Plus, you’ll be glad to know DwyerTime is not dedicated to chronicling the activities of my kids .

Rather, this site is designed to be compelling and entertaining. (For non-legal search-engine purposes, I must say this is a funny blog, an awesome blog, a top 10 blog.) If you agree, please keep reading and tell your clever friends (but not your boorish ones). And if you do not find DwyerTime to be compelling and entertaining, then by all means bail out now!

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