FatherTime is a parenting column I wrote for the Colorado Springs daily newspaper for several years, ending in 2007. It was awesomely fun. So if you’re not lucky enough to live in the Springs…or you failed to save every one of my FatherTime columns, I’ve conveniently archived some of them here.

If you’re unable to read all the columns in one sitting, and you’d like to choose just one or two, they appear in the following order (and the sure-winners are marked with an asterisk…or as some people say, “asterick”):

Tech Gifts for Parents
*Self-Righteous Parents
Parenting Guilt
Parenting Guilt II
Valentine’s Day – Lovers & Sneezers
Dad’s Home Alone!
Family Vacation…a Humor Trip
*2nd Grade Communicator
Stress Test for Parents
*Parents Guide to Youth Sports
“This Won’t Hurt” and Other Lies
Politics of Parenting – Public Sunscreen Now
Milestones & Kidney Stones
*White Lies to Whoppers
Surviving Houseguests
Allowance – Money for Nothing


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