February 2, 2010

An Honor to be Nominated

Posted in Just Darn Clever tagged at 9:13 am by Andrew

The media only focus on the marquee categories, so you probably didn’t hear my awesome news this morning — my film was nominated for an Academy Award! I know…it’s awe-inspiring…and so humbling. Everyone says this, but honestly, I don’t care if I win because it’s such an honor to be nominated.

I’m a nominee in the category “Humorous Short of a Minor Relative and Family Pet in Bad Light with No Audio, Blog Post.” You may recall the film I posted here last year…in which our family cat swoops in to eat my daughter’s Ritz cracker, which has fallen on the floor. My daughter then turns to the camera and gives a precious befuddled look that I believe cinched our nomination. You just can’t teach that kind of acting, and as a director I’m blessed to work with an actor who really channels her inner muse and manages to find a thread within her character and just runs with it. She’s such a pro, and really, this nomination is for her, not me. I’m just glad she’s getting the attention she deserves.

I’d show you the video, but I sold the rights to a mid-major studio. (And you didn’t hear it from me, but it’s all over the Internet, so just look for it over there.)

I must say, I was impressed with the rigorous vetting these films received from the Academy. I was required to provide a birth certificate to prove my daughter is a “relative,” the “bad lighting” criterion was verified with a spectromeasurometer, and apparently they interviewed hundreds of film professionals before determining my film actually qualified as “humorous.”

As a director, I would have it no other way. We pour our souls into our work, so it’s refreshing to know some schmoe can’t just waltz into this category.

Anywho, the next month will surely be a daze, what with the endless interviews and comparisons to seminal blog video posts as “Baby Falling Asleep in High Chair” and “Man Takes Wiffle Ball to the Groin.” I’ll let others debate my place in history. My job is to stay grounded and remain committed to my work.

Thank you to all who support my art form. I’m blessed to be able to do what I love, and all the attention and fawning is just gravy.

See you at the after party!