December 23, 2009

My Christmas Letter

Posted in Just Darn Clever at 9:48 pm by Andrew

In the spirit of the season of giving season’s greetings of joy tidings, I’ve decided to share with all of you my Christmas Letter. It’s OK if you didn’t get me anything…you can make it up to me next year. Here goes:

Merry Christmas! We hope this card finds you with all the blessings…well, we just hope this finds you. Here’s what we’ve been up to all year, since we haven’t spent the time communicating with the likes of you:

My wife’s been busy with Tot-Toos, her new chain of semi-permanent tattoo parlors for toddlers. (The tattoos are semi-permanent, but at this rate, the parlors appear to be very temporary.)

I’m finally living my dream, as a choreographer for the Fox hit “Glee.”

Our eldest is 13 now so, you know, he’s cool. His day was fine. Whatever. Geez!

Our 10-year-old is fascinated by Twitter…so much so that he will now only communicate via Tweets. While the house is much quieter, it can be challenging to communicate with our son. Ironically, he doesn’t even have a cell phone – his “tweets” consist of wadded-up balls of paper that he throws at us.

Our youngest is a girl…and the youngest, so she’s perfect and spoiled, of course, as nature and common sense dictate.

And that’s about it. We hope with all our might that your every dream come true in the New Year. We also hope to actually speak with you next year. Just don’t count on it.



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