December 9, 2009

Look, Look! A Zhu Zhu!

Posted in Just Darn Clever tagged at 10:07 pm by Andrew

In case you haven’t heard, the hot toy this year is the Zhu Zhu pet, a battery-operated hamster that’s supposed to be better than real because it doesn’t eat or excrete.

Here’s a video demonstrating the unbridled joy kids experience with these toys. It’s bizarre and hilarious…and you won’t be disappointed. Here’s what you’ll see:

  • First, check out the 2nd girl in the video…the one on the right. She’s clearly overwhelmed by these electic hamsters — all she can do is point indiscriminately. The girl’s parents must be mighty pleased with those acting classes they sprung for. The director must have said, “OK, Jenny, you’re the pointer…I want you to point point point…see a Zhu Zhu and point!…bang bang bang, Can you do that for me?”
  • Second thing I noticed…where is this commercial supposed to be taking place? It’s obviously not a kid’s room — a cavernous space with multi-colored lighting, devoid of furniture save for 3K worth of Zhu Zhu products? Or are we looking at a secured wing of a psychiatric ward, where children with pointing problems can be left alone with electric pseudo-pets?

So before you buy your kid a zhu zhu for christmas — hip-checking fellow parents into the shelves to get your mitts on one — watch the above video a few times. Is your child ready for such fun? Or will she be reduced to a poor little pointer girl?


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